The security of the Windows 8 operating system

Microsoft has used the computer hardware to increase and speed up security in Windows 8. Computer components can now be used to ensure that malware is not loaded as the Windows 8 operating loads.  A self-encrypting hard drive makes your data illegible to the undesirable.

The new capabilities are designed to limit the possibility that malware can be loaded before the operating system. This kind of malware, known as a rootkit, can often bypass or even disable your antivirus and hide its own presence.

Windows 8 also provides a way for the anti-virus software to load first when the PC is powered on, in a further effort to stop malware from overriding your protection.

When it comes to authenticating users, Microsoft has added some functionality obviously designed for those touchscreen devices it is anticipating.

Picture or pin logins can be used once a user’s password has been set, as a short-cut to logging in. While this feature may be convenient, research during testing has shown some serious weaknesses that could allow an attacker to uncover the actual password of accounts using this feature, so discretion is advised!

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