Make sure you lock the door

I have presented four times this year on protecting your data. One of the 7 deadliest sins (No.6) is to have a week password and (no.5)
not educating staff.

Last week we had a hacker gain access a customer’s data to encrypt
it and the hacker gain access because of a staff members week password. Please educate yourself and your staff on why it is important to have strong passwords. It doesn’t matter if you have a great antivirus or malware package. Having a week password is like leaving your door unlocked at night. It makes it easy for a burglar!

These are some of the don’ts when thinking of a new password:

Don’t use your username, actual name or business name.
Family members’ or pets’ names.
Your or family birthdays.
Favourite football or F1 team or other words easy to work out with a little background knowledge which can be gained on social media.
The word ‘password’.
Numerical sequences.
A single commonplace dictionary word, which could
be cracked by common hacking programs.
When choosing numerical passcodes or PINs, do not
use ascending or descending numbers (for example 4321 or 12345), duplicated numbers (such as 1111) or easily recognisable keypad patterns (such as 14789 or 2580).
If you are stuck for ideas click on the link below

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