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Grantham College

Grantham College ensures that all their students achieve their true potential. They have over 60 years’ experience of providing education and training. In this time they have developed a welcoming and supportive environment where the needs of students are always put first. In today’s further educational environment, the IT infrastructure is increasingly important to staff and pupils and they currently have in place a timed replacement plan.

Grantham College have 1000 YOU desktops equipped with Intel Dual Core & I 3 processors across the campus and have been buying YOU PC’s since 2001. One of the key benefits is the personalised, specially tailored service they receive. The IT department decide on the specification they want for the summer refresh programme.

You Systems build a desktop to this specification and despatch for review and testing. Grantham then build their image based on the configuration of this desktop. This is then given to YOU Systems who, after receiving the order, build the desktops, update all bios settings on the hard drive and components and load the college’s image. For the IT department it is just the simple job of unboxing and plugging into the local network. From receipt of order at You Systems, the college is in possession of its new desktops within two weeks and this allows plenty of time to get the new IT suite up and running for the new students.

Grantham College are aware that by buying locally not only do they support local businesses but they reduce the environmental impact by using less transportation and therefore reducing pollution. YOU Systems also employ highly trained staff who have a good understanding of the college and can provide replacement parts on a same day basis.